Magdalena Erdman Vice Consul of the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Hamburg, Germany
[…] She completed her tasks very well while showing enormous commitment, diligence, enthusiasm and initiative as well as the ability to easily make contacts. In everyday work Ms Anna Bednarska is cheerful and kind; she has integrated wwell with the office personnel while gaining their recognition and friendship; she quickly adapted to work in a new team. Ms Bednarska has shown exemplary attitude to her duties. Her commitment to work constituted significant assistance to the Consulate. […]
Jaap C. Bijl Senior Content Director at Global Language Guru
[…] She is very personable, efficient, hardworking, punctual, knows her language very well, communicates in a professional and to-the-point way, in short she is a great addition to our team of translators. I can definitely recommend Anna to anyone who is looking to get good quality Polish translations, and all questions answered if they were to come up. […]
Michał Sobczyk The Head of the „Obywatele Obywatelom” Association
„Ms Anna Bednarska has cooperated with the „Obywatele Obywatelom“ („Citizens for Citizens“) Association as a translator, which included tasks relating to the „Nowy Obywatel“ („The New Citizen“) quarterly. She has proved herself to be a professional by completing all the assignments without question. We appreciate our cooperation up to now, including features such as meeting deadlines and conscientiousness and, therefore, highly recommend Ms Anna as a valuable partner in any publishing venture. […]
ITI Translates
Anna is a very professional, knowledgeable and reliable linguist. I highly recommend her translation services.
Małgorzata Kmita The owner of TEXTERIA translation agency
Anna completed the task on time and performed a high quality work. We also recommend Anna’s services because of her prompt responses to emails and kind attitude.
Antonia Sousa Sousa A Übersetzungsbüro
I’m completely satisfied with Anna’s work. I will certainly work with her again.

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